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Great support, Product roadmaps, Smart IT features and Unfair advantages...

Solution with a "double-sided" Goals

to make communication more effective
while raising awareness


On average, companies have created twice as much content, but have seen less than half the engagement in return by using well-known channels like email, intranet, third party web services etc. However, Beetouch customers stand apart from the pack.

Beetouch Improves Content Performance
We discovered that while number of daily emails per company has increased by 78%, content engagement has actually decreased by 60%

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By using Beetouch you will only focus on differentiating your messages

But it doesn't end there!


Organizational Communications

Communication Strategies
Centralized Alerts & Notifications
IT Outages & Crisis Communications
Internal Marketing & Internal Branding
Intranet, Portal & Web Announcements
Department-Specific Notifications
Special Day & Event Reminders
Branch & Agency Communications
Operation, Stock & Price Updates
Promotions, Campaigns & Launches
Employee Morale & Satisfaction
Help Desk & Support Communications
Product & Service Quality Checks
ToDos, Feedbacks & Suggestions
Automated Communication Integrations


Security & Data Lost Prevention

Security Options
User Based Repositories
Self-Destruct Contents
Remote Rollbacks
Disabled Forward/Reply
Archive Synchronisation
Encyrpted File Transfer
Encyrpted Archiving
Compressed Network Traffic
Automated Shutdown/Reboot/Sleep PCs
Default Wallpaper (Group Policy)
Taking and/or Disabling Screenshots


Business Transformation

Communication Scenarios
Department Based Internals
Centralized Internals
Remote Access Available Internals
Location Based Externals
Centralized Externals
Mobile Only
Bee-Signage (PC based Monitors)

Beetouch Not Only Empowers Bottom Line, Empowers Leaders Too

Your employees are telling you a compelling story with their reading/engagement behavior. Some exhibit engagement and conversion intent, while others convey disengagement patterns. It’s time to reengage the abandoners, nudge procrastinators and keep the high-intents on communication loop.

On the other hand Beetouch's Activity and Engagement reports & statistics gives communication leaders a snapshot of their allocation of both effort and return in the form of engagement.

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