Internal Communications

12+ employee communication tools work together seamlessly in one place, on employee devices
Provides alert based visual and scheduled deliveries without IT workforce!

Multi Channel Communications

Send The Right Message At The Right Time
By The Right Channel no email. no browser. no sign in. no any other tools. Directly on devices, even offline

  • Survey

    Feedback System
  • Test

    Feedback System
  • Forced Feedback

    Feedback System
  • Rsvp (Invitations)

    Feedback System
  • Alert

    Crisis/Core Communication
  • Moving Headlines (Ticker)

    Crisis/Core Communication
  • Text (SMS)

    Crisis Communication
  • Desktop Notification

    Core Communication
  • Video

    Internal Marketing
  • Wallpaper Changes

    Internal Marketing
  • Lock Screen Changes

    Internal Marketing
  • Flyer/Banner

    Internal Marketing

Email is no longer an efficient tool today

The emails we recieved to "stay informed" are lessing down our precious hours. And what about the conversations you have after with collegues about what you read? Most of those started with the phrase, "Don't know..", "Didn't see.." or "Haven't recieved yet."
More often than not, they're not useful and in all likelihood, don't help your employees or your business in a meaningful way!

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One Solution For All

Department-Specific and Centralized Communications For Internal & External Workers In A Ways That They don't always see


Functional & Effortless

Manage communications with role/permission based interface without any technical assistant


Scheduled & Targeted

Maintain organizational presence through schedule & target based communications


Unlimitedly Branded

Connect corporate identiy with daily business to inspire employees in communications


Realtime Reports & Anaytics

Measure communication activities & efficiency including employee engagement


Innovation & Solution Based

Benefit from continuous innovation with a strong focus on mainstream communications


Integrated & Automated

Create communication backbone by integrating with exsiting systems in one place

bee is the first!

Performance Indicators


Improved Awareness


Email-Less Organization


Increased Participations


More Effective Communication

Finally, a Complete Communication Solution For All Enterprise Teams

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